Our vision is to be amongst the few recognised, preferred and respectable property sublet providers in Malaysia.


We deliver beyond residential properties. We deliver to our customers the joy of living, the serenity of space and the place to interact with their family. A place for their children to grow. A place for them to rest and relax. A dream home with a beautiful environment.

We deliver beyond commercial properties. We deliver to our customers the opportunities to grow, confidence to project to their customers and functionality to step up productivity. A place to build their brand.

We deliver beyond return of investment. We deliver to our customers a peace of mind, professionalism and ethics.

Most importantly, we deliver our projects with passion.


We serve our customer diligently in meeting their requirement and delivering value for their life. We continuously learn and observe new trends and customer requirements.


We, the employees of ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd are guided by the following Values. We describe our company as we want it to be. Our decisions and actions demonstrate these values to create long term value for our customers, partners, contractors, consultants, employees, our community and our environment.

We take personal responsibility for QUALITY
We are dedicated to deliver quality products for our customers and strive for continuous improvements. We are focused in our execution and act with urgency. In everything that we do, we do it well and efficiently.

We are passionate and committed to deliver excellent real estate development with value-added customer service. We strive to understand customer requirements and are responsive to our customer’s needs to create an invaluable investment for them.

We act with INTEGRITY
In all our interactions, we commit to be fair, honest, ethical, responsible and accountable.

We value PEOPLE and treat them with RESPECT
We treat each other with respect, and recognise that we can truly succeed as a team. We respect our shareholders and seek to accomplish lasting value for their investments. We treat our employees with care and recognise that with continuous education, we can help them grow. We are committed to openness and trust in all that we do.