About Us

ZSE CAPITAL SDN BHD currently involved in renting or subletting which ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd leases a property from the landlord. ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd leasing the property that owned by holding company which is ZS Armin Sdn Bhd and we have a lease agreement in place with the commercial landlord which stipulates your lease term and your rights and responsibilities as a lessee, including maintenance and repair of the premises. This business called subletting when the lessee rents all or a portion of the premises to another business owner. Next, ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd as the lessee becomes the sub-lessor, since we are effectively acting as the landlord to the incoming tenant (sublessee). The lease agreement between ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd and the landlord stays in place which now known as the head lease but we also have a separate agreement between ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd and the sub-lessee (the sublease). The tenant deals with us and pays rent directly to ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd rather than dealing with the landlord.

ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd is the subsidiary company of ZS Armin. ZS Armin Sdn Bhd was founded by two close college buddies, En Zulkifli Abd Ghani and En Shamsuri Mohd Yusof since year 2005.Starting a small outlet in a local wet market, they strived from the bottom as the butchers themselves.With hard works, dedication and patience in developing the company, now they could be proud and deserved an honor as the biggest Bumiputra Muslim importer and wholesaler of fresh and frozen meat and meat related products in Malaysia’s open market. Other than wholesale, ZS Armin is also running few direct retail outlets in wholesale and wet markets, Pasar Tani stalls etc. ZSE Capital Sdn Bhd directors are En Zulkifli Abd Ghani, En Shamsuri Mohd Yusof and Encik Mohd Ezran Bin Darami.